Stamping press mod. AA-PCSA-2US

Stamping press mod. AA-PCSA-2US

Automatic machine specially designed for pressing de-boned Parma ham, speck, culatello, bresaola and similar products to form blocks so that regular-size slices can be produced, regardless of the weight of the product, or simple shapes , either when they are at room temperature or frozen, prior to slicing or other packaging. Pressing is carried out on three sides (top, side and rear) to make the product more compact, and to make it easier to insert, thereby preventing any damage to the product. The use of stamps, designed according to the company’s requirements, and a high-pressure horizontal and vertical press determine the shape and compactness of the product. The product is inserted into the machine from the front, then it is pressed and ejected from the side. This is an automatic and highly efficient process. The stamps are made of stainless steel, and formats can be easily changed thanks to a very efficient system which does not require any special technical expertise. A touch-screen control panel allows the use of special pressing cycles depending on the type of product to be processed. The machine comes with between 2 and 4 stamps depending on production requirements.

Technical specifications


Inner frame: C45 steel, outer frame: stainless steel throughout on adjustable legs


High-pressure electro-hydraulic operation


1060 x depth 1500 x h adj. 2200 (2 stamps)


20 kW (2 stamps)


5.000 kg approx. (2 stamps)


120 items/hour approx. (stamp)

Additional technical specifications

  • Touch-screen control panel and management of different functions
  • Class “4” built-in protective guards
  • Automatic insertion and ejection
  • Oil-dynamic machine with cooling system

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