Italian food products. Key sector for the economy

produzione macchine alimentari

Products made in Italy distributed around the world are still vital to the success of our economy. Most of our global exports are food products, clothing and furnishings.

Food products have become Italy’s first source of wealth, a supply chain that – according to Coldiretti – exceeds €500 billion and provides work for more than 3 million people. Our main trading partner is Germany while, outside the European Union, the United States continues to be the main market for Italian food.
It is important, therefore, to protect this key sector, especially at this time, when food has once again become vital to our economy and to our relationship with the rest of the world.

Italy’s globally renowned food valley

The most popular food products are cold meats and in particular Parma ham, which has always been a symbol of the Parma region, sometimes known as the Italian food valley. And our company also plays an active part in the growth of the agri-food sector and its exports. For over twenty years we have been producing food processing machines for Parma ham, bacon, speck and cured meats in general. We have a wide range of machinery for all stages and processes: sorting, branding, salting, washing, de-boning, pressing and packaging.

Arturo Argenti’s exports

As well as exporting more, there is a growing demand from companies abroad requiring machinery and equipment for the food industry. Arturo Argenti already exports a wide range of machinery, especially our range of machines for salting. Our machines are mainly orologi repliche exported to Europe and the United States. They are shipped to Europe by road and to the United States by sea or air.


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