Vertical washing machine model AA/LAV – SC/SR

Vertical washing machine model AA/LAV – SC/SR

Our washing line for fresh (after resting) or cured (before de-boning) raw hams and similar products consists of two different systems which customers can select based on their requirements. One is a tunnel system where a set of manifolds with spraying nozzles form a pressurised water tunnel through which the product is made to transit. The nozzles are positioned in such way that water is sprayed along the entire perimeter of the product, including parts that are difficult to reach, in order to remove any agglomerated salt left from the previous work processes. The machine can be supplied our innovative washing system where pressurised water is released by rotating nozzles that are fitted one opposite the other so as to hit the product on both sides. The nozzles are installed on supports that create a rotary movement when in motion, which enables the water jet to hit the same point on the product several times for enhanced efficiency and for the removal of hard agglomerates (e.g. flare fat).

The other washing system we offer is known as vertical or tower system. This is quite an effective system and reduces manpower as the product does not need to be hung to and picked from frames or hanging bars. . In this case too, the machine is manufactured according to the customers’ requirements with either rotating or fixed nozzles, including or not a water recovery system The machine can also be used to wash equipment, frames, hanging bars, pallets and floor-mounted trolleys.

Designed for easy installation directly in the workplace – it only requires a drain to remove the water used during the washing cycle. This machine is manufactured in compliance with EU standards The output of a vertical washing machine is approx. 2000 pieces per hour, with one operator involved. The output of a tunnel washing machine is 500 pieces per hour, with two operators involved.

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