Disossatrice sfilato mod. AA-DSF

Disossatrice sfilato mod. AA-DSF

Pneumatically operated semi-automatic machine for “finely” de-boning seasoned hams. Holding the ham in position using a calliper device gives the operator ample freedom of movement during processing. Special flexible “extensors” open the skin which has been previously cut on one side of the ham to enable extraction of the bone. The adjustable pusher, positioned under the fillet, gradually accompanies the extraction of the bone, making the cleaning of the meat easy and efficient by following its natural shape and resulting in less weight reduction. These unique features are especially important for the final cleaning which uses a low-pressure water jet, as well as providing the user with complete accessibility.


Technical specifications


AISI 304 weight-bearing stainless steel unit installed on wheels or legs which can be adjusted (on request)




width 760 length 710 height 1230 mm

Air consumption

56 liters per cycle at 6 bar


250 kg approx


70 items/hour (approx.)

Additional technical specifications

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