AA-TV2-S2 Branding machine with built-in selector

AA-TV2-S2 Branding machine with built-in selector

Timbratrice selezionatrice aatv2s2

Automatic machine for controlled firebranding of ham and similar products such as speck, pancetta, etc., with a two-stamp mechanism at the bottom for applying the CE mark, date, batch number and producer’s logo, and a stamping mechanism at the top of the shaft for firebranding the category it belongs to. Initial weighing ensures the product is divided into pre-set weight categories. From the touch-screen control panel on the machine it is possible to set all the parameters for branding (machine management, stamp temperature, processing times, etc.) and selecting (weight category, number of pieces for each weight category, production, etc.).

Technical specifications


AISI 304 stainless steel




1550 x 1000 x h1800


6 Kw

Air consumption

130 litres per minute at 5 bar


900 Kg


700/800 items per hour

Additional technical specifications

  • Two-headed lower stamping press with pendulum system to increase output. The system can be operated automatically or individually.
  • Low-voltage electrical stamp heating
  • Static scales, single cell
  • Touch-screen panel
  • Connection interface
  • 6 weight threshold settings
  • Auto-weighed tare and aggregates
  • Manual and programmed tare
  • AISI 304 smoke extractor
  • Complete with two stamps with the wording of your choice

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