AA-TV2 branding machine

AA-TV2 branding machine

Timbratrice AA-TV2

Automatic belt-operated machine for the controlled firebranding of ham and similar products such as speck, bacon, etc., with two-stamp mechanism at the bottom. The machine is extremely versatile enabling you to brand the product (on the back) with one or more logos that do not fade over time to ensure traceability of the product. The machine adjusts to the needs of each company by customising the various brands and specifications, both in the receiving phase (fresh product) and in the dispatch phase (aged product).

Technical specifications


AISI 304 stainless steel




1400 x 1000 x h.1750


4 Kw

Air consumption

110 litres per minute at 5 bar


600 Kg


700/800 items per hour (approx.)

Additional technical specifications

  • Two-headed lower stamping press with pendulum system to increase output.
  • Low-voltage electrical stamp heating
  • Stainless steel smoke extractor

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