AA-T1L-E Single-blade automatic unloading slicing machine

AA-T1L-E Single-blade automatic unloading slicing machine

Trancia AA-T1L-E

Semi-automatic, electro-pneumatic machine for slicing various cold meats: ham, coppa, bacon, mortadella, speck etc. The machine can also trim specific cuts of meat (neck, pancetta, etc.). The blade attachment mechanism enables the user to replace the blades quickly to change the meat cut format. Manual insertion of product which at the end of the process is automatically ejected to one side. The sharpness of the blades, along with a fast and precise descent of the top of the ham, ensures extremely precise cuts of meat. A range of accessories make this machine functional and easy to use.

Technical specifications


AISI 304 steel on 2 fixed wheels and 2 rotating wheels with brake


Electro-pneumatic with air buffer


800 x 1800 x h1925

Air consumption

140 litre per minute at 8 bar


650 Kg approx.

Work table

Non-toxic polyethylene


Approx. 4 cuts per minute

Additional technical specifications

  • Laser cutting device (optional)
  • Button-operated control panel (requires two hands)
  • Automatic ejection device
  • Voltage / power: 230V. 50Hz

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