AA-CPR Peeling machine

AA-CPR Peeling machine

Coltello pelatore AA-CPR

Semi-automatic machine for surface peeling of cured hams or similar products. The benefit of this machine is that it carries out this operation in the shortest possible time and in complete safety, by means of a 360-degree rotating product holder and a set of blades, which make it significantly easier for the user to operate. This machine uses the blade recommended for very tough meat products, which, in addition to a self-sharpening system, uses a device for adjusting the amount of the product to be removed, regardless of the pressure exerted on the blade, therefore resulting in less reduction in weight.

Technical specifications


Stainless steel AIAI 304 on adjustable legs and wheels




700x 700 x 2000 (h)


2 Kw.

Air consumption

2 litres per minute at about 5 Bar




transparent smoked plexiglass protective screen

Additional technical specifications

  • Motor with flexible shaft for blade adjustment
  • Blade unit complete with: cutting adjustment, blade sharpening system, protective guard, weight balancer
  • Wheeled container for waste collection made of 304 stainless steel

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