AA-CF Peeling machine

AA-CF Peeling machine

This machine is designed to peel or smooth the skin of cured hams and similar products. The machine, which features a blade unit activated by a movable handle and a balancing device, enables the operator to carry out the task quickly and safely. In addition to a self-sharpening system, the rotating blade head is equipped with a device for adjusting the size of the selected cut. This ensures that each “pass” is the same thickness, regardless of the pressure exerted on the blade, and especially in order to minimize any reduction in weight.


Technical specifications


Made to EU standards




Weight balancing device

Manufacturing specifications

Blade block complete with: cut adjustment system, blade sharpening system, protective cover


Motor with adjustable handle to control the movement of the blade

Additional technical specifications


  • Motor housing: Stainless steel unit provided with a coupling plate Base dimensions 450 h 2000
  • Product clamp:Ideal device for holding the ham in position during the peeling operation. The operation of a lever that locks and unlocks the ham stop device, ensures that every operation that the operator carries out is both simple and safe. Technical specification: Made to EU standards – Pneumatic operation – Product locking device – Hand-wheel system for table mounting – Equipped with balancing mechanism – Dimensions: 800 x 280 h 1250


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