AA-1500 electric portable branding machine

AA-1500 electric portable branding machine

Timbratrice elettrica portatile AA-1500

Portable semi-automatic manual machine for firebranding various cold cuts: fresh, cured, cooked, etc. It is useful in the various stages of processing, delivering, curing, shipping, etc. thanks to the interchangeability of the brands or wordings used and its compact size. The machine can be placed on a trolley to make it easier to move.
The low-voltage burner is mounted on a shielded handle to protect the user’s hands, making it safe and enabling the user to brand in any position.

Technical specifications


AISI 304 stainless steel, portable with handle




400 x 250 x h.250mm


1500 w


Approx. weight of the handle and burner 1.5 kg. (variable depending on brand type)

Additional technical specifications

  • Complete with burner, low voltage, stainless steel with tracks
  • 4-position temperature controller
  • Mobile trolley (optional)
  • Power supply 220 v. (single-phase)
  • Maximum useable branding area: mm 100×80

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