AA-GSD-2015-S-3P salting unit

AA-GSD-2015-S-3P salting unit

Gruppo di salatura AA-GSD-2015-S-3P

Automatic continuous-cycle machine designed for pre-salting and salting which controls the percentage of salt dispensed onto speck or similar products, during the salting phase, regardless of weight and size. The salt rubbing system with added spices and sugars is carried out using rubber spatulas on the sides and in the lower area combined with a drum for dispensing salt onto the rear side, with subsequent salting in controlled weights. The rubbing units are fed through a special system to avoid clogging and blocking by any wet salt agglomerates. Controlling the weight in the various processing phases is carried out dynamically using separate belt weighers and with an electronically managed dosing unit. The tank of the salting machine is designed to mix the salt with the various spices and sugars and then to distribute them to the various areas as required, or when the mixtures have been previously received from the mixing device.
All the parts of the machine which process or move products are self-cleaning and are easy to access at the end of the process to make it easier to clean and thoroughly inspect the machine.
Designed according to specific requirements, the machine allows for highly customizable processing.

Technical specifications


AISI 304 on legs


6480 x 1300 x h. 2500


kw 20


approx. 2300 kg.


700 items per hour (approx.)

Additional technical specifications

  • Transit by means of special stainless steel chains with variable speeds, and conveyor belt
  • Upper rubbing belt with maximum height allowed for products 120mm
  • Non-toxic rubbing device with spatulas
  • 1 unit at the bottom for dispensing salt onto the underside of the speck
  • Sensors for automatic feeding of the salt mixture
  • Electronically controlled dosing unit for the salt mixture
  • 3 belt weighers

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